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About Us

We Make It Happen

Doug Martin and Ben Diamond co-own and manage Selecta, continuing our recruitment journey that began in 1997 in Farringdon, London.

After specialising in carpentry recruitment, we now serve a broader range of specialised needs in sectors including Exhibition, Fit-Out, Infrastructure, Manufacturing, New Build, Refurbishment, Restoration, and Shopfitting.

As co-owners, we maintain accountability and oversee operations, ensuring our workforce and customers can rely on us to provide excellent service. In other words – we make it happen! 

Our mission

“Our mission is to connect construction workers in the UK to suitable jobs, promoting reliability and effectiveness for mutual success.”

We’ve Helped 300+ Companies to Hire Better People.

Selecta is dedicated to enhancing the construction industry and continually exploring innovative ways to support our customers in achieving their goals.

With over 300 satisfied customers and counting, we can help your company find the right people.

How We Work

“At Selecta, we don’t just believe in doing business; we believe in making a difference. Our responsible and considerate approach sets us apart in the construction recruitment landscape. We excel at spotting and refining the most exceptional skills and traits in candidates for the UK’s premier construction firms. Our unwavering commitment isn’t just a philosophy; it’s the engine driving client and candidate satisfaction. Our strategy? A long-term vision, planning meticulously to align the perfect individuals with the right projects. This methodical approach is why we boast a success rate of well over 90%. Each day brings new opportunities for collaboration. Are you a labourer, skilled trade or a manager candidate seeking secure work, or a client in search of outstanding labour solutions? We’re here to propel your success across the UK. Ready to embrace a positive change? Connect with us now – with Selecta, you’re not just in safe hands; you’re set for success.”

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Our Process



We identify quality jobs through our network, then follow a no-hassle policy to ensure that our needs don’t get in the way of our customers’ progress.



We aim to provide quality labour every time. Depending on the role, we may check multiple references before approving a candidate for work.



The workforce is the lifeblood of our business, and we will always do whatever is necessary to support the people we engage and ensure their satisfaction.