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Our mission

“Our mission is to connect construction workers in the UK to suitable jobs, promoting reliability and effectiveness for mutual success.”

We’ve Helped 300+ Companies to Hire Better People.

At Selecta Recruitment, we’re dedicated to enhancing the construction industry and continually exploring innovative ways to support our customers in achieving their goals. With over 300 satisfied customers and counting, we can help your company find the right people.

How We Work

“No matter which side of the planet you are from, human beings are all made of the same stuff. However, it’s how we choose to act that sets us apart from one another. As a recruitment company, we opt to act responsibly and considerately towards others. Our job is to identify the best skills and character traits in the most qualified individuals, and then make every effort to keep them organised and motivated for leading construction companies operating in London. This is our driving force, and it is what ensures the satisfaction of the people we work for. When time permits, we are able to plan ahead for days, weeks, or even months to find the right people for a project. We believe this long-term approach guarantees client satisfaction, contributing to our remarkable success rate of over 90% with our customers. As recruiters, we are prepared to collaborate with new individuals every day. So, if you’re ready to make a positive change, please reach out now. Rest assured, you’re in good hands—whether you’re a new candidate or a new customer seeking an upgraded labour solution, SELECTA RECRUITMENT can help you achieve greater success across the capital.”

Our Process


We seek out jobs through our network of customers. We follow a no-hassle policy to ensure that our needs don’t get in the way of our customers’ progress.


We use various resources to ensure quality labour. Depending on the role, we may check multiple references before approving an individual for our customers.


The workforce is the lifeblood of our business, and we will always do whatever is necessary to support the people we engage and ensure their satisfaction.

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